• screw conveyor for AAC Equipment

screw conveyor for AAC/CLC



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screw conveyor:

Screw conveyor is raw material conveying equipment for the production of aerated concrete block, aerated concrete equipment is necessary In the production of aerated concrete block. It used for conveying lime and cement, connection, in the complete sets of equipment, the raw materials (cement, lime, gypsum) tank and weighing container. Screw conveyor in the process of conveying material to the heating and cooling mixing materials. work principle of screw conveyor structure: Screw conveyor is a closed circular cross section of the casing, which has the use of rotary helix continuous conveying aerated concrete powder of new transportation equipment. rotation of the screw conveyor on welding of spiral blade can be different according to different materials to replace the blade, blade type is mainly divided into: solid surface type, belt type, surface type, blade surface etc. The screw axis on the screw conveyor has thrust bearing, used to spiral axial reaction, is located in the terminal of material movement.

performance advantages:

adopts the superior performance of universal joint inlet, make it more conducive to installation,production and moisture Compact structure, small crosssectional area; With light weight, good seal performance, high transmission efficiency, flexible process arrangement,etc. Operation without noise, scraping wall, putty Suitable for transporting materials in all kinds of powder, granular,small block,such as cement, clay powder, coal, dust, sand, pebble grain. Facilitate loading, adjusted transportation direction, can reverse transmission, or to opposite direction at the same time. has loading device.


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