what the double-sided pressurized hydraulic brick machine Performance advantage

Double-sided pressurized hydraulic brick machine presses with five-beam four-column structure, the mold frame fixed in the middle fixed beam. The upper and lower indenter are fixed on the upper and lower active beams. The upper and lower movable beams are bi-directionally pressurized by driving the main cylinder fixed in the upper and lower fixed beams. To ensure that the brick density is high. As the upper and lower punch is fixed on the upper and lower activities of the beam, and the upper and lower activities of the beam is precision machining, four column guide rod sliding operation, fundamentally solve the punch hit the possibility of hit, not only run High speed, and the main cylinder seal wear small. Easy to damage and leak. Low failure rate.


2, the hydraulic system for the dual-pump dual-loop, the use of professional combination of valve block, to achieve packing, exhaust, pressure and stripping the working cycle.


3, hydraulic tank with oil temperature automatic heating, cooling system and oil purifier device, the use of multiple continuous filtration, so as to ensure the best use of hydraulic oil conditions.


4, feed hopper with a level meter, opening and closing the door cylinder to achieve the automatic opening and closing of the hopper door to ensure uniform feeding to the fabric box.


5, automatic fabric car with positive volume feeding method and equipped with a forced mixing mechanism to ensure uniform fabric and improve fabric efficiency.


6, automatic cloth car front is equipped with automatic billet device will automatically demold the billet to the billet or billet conveyor belt machine.


7, the use of PLC Siemens programmable controller and HMI man-machine interface operation, the press can be fully automated operation.


8, through the replacement of molds can produce different specifications of the standard brick, blind hole brick, hollow brick.

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